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What is Multivocal?

Multivocal is a library that tries to bring a new approach to helping you write webhooks for the Google Assistant, Dialogflow ES, and Dialogflow CX. (With hopes to expand to other bot and voice platforms in the future.)

Multivocal takes a configuration and template driven approach - letting you focus on what you want to do and say, rather than the boilerplate.

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"Hello World" sample for Multivocal library

A simple example for Multivocal demonstrating basic conversations and configuration

Showing how to use multiple voices with SpeechMarkdown

Three examples of using Multivocal with Account Linking, identification, and authorization:

  • mulitvocal-example-auth0
    How to do Account Linking and OAuth2 using Multivocal. Demonstrated using the Auth0 service.
  • mulitvocal-example-auth1
    Using Google Sign In for Assistant with Multivocal to get a user's Google profile.
  • mulitvocal-example-auth2
    Using Google Sign In for web pages and Assistant with Multivocal to get permission from a user to access Google's APIs on their behalf.

Illustrating how to use Multivocal with the Assistant's "Interactive Canvas" feature.

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